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To request a refund is dedicated to making it easy for our customers to reach us, even if their message is not necessarily one we want to hear

You can reach customer care team about your refund at (866) 232-7216.  9 am to 9 pm est on all weekdays (Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm est, and Sunday 1 pm to 6 pm est).

Why is requesting a refund from a merchant is better than if you call your bank card or credit card? Calling your bank or credit card company means the bank or credit card company initiates a forced return of funds to a customer, but that is generally without the merchant's authorization. The customer will usually contact their issuing bank and request that they to remove the requested charge from the customer's account. This can take longer to get the refunds due to the proper documentation that the customer's bank must receive in order for a chargeback to go through the process. Also, this process does not necessarily mean that the customer's ongoing service will be cancelled, and it may require an additional call by the customer to the merchant.

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