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Have a charge from SVCRT want to get a refund?

How to get a Refund from Any Company

Everyone needs to get a refund from time to time. Sometimes a product did not work, or it worked and you did not like it, or you did not understand how it worked before you bought it and now you decided it isn’t right for you.

And all of those things are okay, companies like SVCRT understand that their products aren’t right for absolutely everyone. So most of them are quick to give you a refund. The trouble is that many consumers just aren’t totally sure how to request a refund, even from SVCRT. Here are a few tips.

  • Call the company’s customer service phone number. You are most likely to get a live operator who know what you are calling about and has access to the computer systems designed to help you. That is certainly true for For SVCRT the customer service number is (866) 232-7216.

  • Be polite. Chances are the person with who you are speaking is not the individual who charged your credit card, so yelling at them will most not likely make the transaction go more smoothly. Being polite, and providing the information they request to help identify you and your account, will speed your cancel or refund along.

  • Tell the truth. If you did not like the product, just say so. There is no need to create an elaborate story about how you were never able to use the product, that will just mean that the customer service agent will spend time trying to solve your problem by explaining how you use the product instead of giving you a refund. If you did not like it just tell the truth, and then the agent can you get you a cancel or a refund in the least amount of time possible.

  • Remember, both you and the customer service agent want to complete the transaction as quickly as possible, and most companies do not want the additional hassle of an unhappy customer (at SVCRT we want all customers to be happy). So be as clear as you can and the result will be best.